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We operate modern, well equipped Cessna 152 and Robin HR200, these aircraft are probably the most popular training aircraft in the country. They are easy to learn in and fun to fly. Built and maintained to a very high standard, they have an excellent safety record. All are equipped with various navigation aids together with transponders, which is a device that provides air traffic control with more information on their radar screen.

We also have a Piper Warrior II (PA28-161) and Cessna 172 aircraft which are ideal for touring or for flights when you have more than one passenger.

For those looking for something different we also have tailwheel aircraft such as the Pitt S2A, Piper Cub and Tiger Moth

All aircraft are fully insured - details are available on request.


The Robin HR200 is a modern two seat trainer favoured by many flying schools and instructors.

The school has three of these aircraft providing good availability for training and hire.

The Cessna 152 is a well established 2-seat, high wing training aircraft. The four seat Cessna 172 is used for training and touring.

The school also has a A152 for aerobatic flights

Piper Warrior II (PA28-161) is a four seat low wing aircraft used for training and touring.

This 160 horsepower aircraft is very popular amongst private owners.

PA-18 "Super Cub" is a two-seat, single-engine airplane. Introduced by Piper in 1949 as a development of the PA-11.

The Piper Cub is an ideal aircraft for those converting to taildraggers.

Pitts S2A is a two-seat open cockpit stunt bi-plane. At 200hp this aircraft is awesome. One of the world’s most famous aerobatic machines. A must for the real thrill seeker.

The Tiger Moth DH82a is a classic English de Havilland biplane. An open cockpit. Wonderfully nostalgic flying recreating the atmosphere of the original barnstormers.
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