Peterborough Sibson Airfield Information

Peterborough Sibson EGSP

Sibson welcomes visitors. The airfield is situated to the west of Peterborough and southeast of Stamford.

The airfield is PPR as it is essential that visitors are briefed to the airfield characteristics and activity. Intense parachuting takes place and for this reason overhead and deadside joins are prohibited. Peterborough Sibson offers an Air/Ground service on 120.325Mhz and all visitors are required to be equipped with radio.

Sibson Airfield by road

Aerodrome Information

Sibson Airfield, viewed to the north

Peterborough Sibson has two runways, the dimension of which are given below.

Runway Designator Circuit Direction TORA TODA ASDA LDA Lighting*
06 RH 676 676 779 468 None
24 LH 468 468 779 676 None
15 LH 551 551 551 551 Threshold APAPI 40
33 RH 551 551 551 424 Threshold APAPI 40
* Lighting available between 1st November and 31st March and by arrangement only.

Runway Surface: Grass
Circuit height: 1000ft
Elevation 130ft
Lat/Long N5233.35 W00023.18
Sibson A/G 120.325MHz
LARS Cottesmore 130.200

Sibson Aerodrome Chart
Sibson Aerodrome Data

Operating Hours

0800 - 2000 (Summer)
0800 - Sunset (Winter) today's sunset


Inbound aircraft must call Cottesmore MATZ/LARS when no less than 15nm from Wittering. If no RT contact is established during Wittering operational hours aircraft must avoid the Wittering MATZ except for that part that lies to the south of Sibson and descend to Sibson circuit height before entering.

All transiting aircraft must not penetrate the ATZ whilst parachuting is in progress. Helicopters may not operate in the ATZ whilst parachuting is active.


Freefall parachuting from FL130. Visiting pilots must contact A/G on 120.325 to ascertain the current situation.
Power lines on approach to runway 24.

Noise Abatement

For the purpose of noise abatement please avoid over flying Elton village (downwind 06/24) and Stibbington village (left base runway 15 and climb-out runway 33).

Click here for chart showing villages (courtesy Ordinance Survey)





W100, W80, 15W50, S80, W100 (Subject to availability)

J&J Aircraft Services, CAA approved . Tel 01832 280984.

Parking and Hangerage
Reasonably priced outdoor parking, Hangerage limited availability.

Hot drinks sandwiches and confectionery available from clubhouse. New restaurant opening in March 2009.

01733 555344 Supa Carz, wheelchairs facility
01733 566661 Betta cars,wheelchairs facility, 8 seat minibus
01733 776666 Limoscene services


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