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Pre-paid Courses at Peterborough Flying Club

At Sibson, flying lessons take place on a pay-as-you-go basis , which means with the exception of membership fees there are no upfront charges.

Below is a table showing the non-discounted cost required to obtain a PPL or NPPL licence based on minimum hours at Sibson. The School offers two pre-pay packages for both PPL and NPPL courses. The Silver and Gold packages provide significant discounts.

All costs include VAT and are based on flight instruction taking place in a Robin HR200 Aircraft.

Non-discounted prices




Instructional Flights £6,120.00 £4,760.00
Books £109.00 £109.00
Examinations £410.00 £410.00
Membership £133.00 £133.00
Sub Total £6,772.00 £5,412.00

Silver PPL and NPPL Package

The Silver Package provides the minimum flying hours to obtain a licence. In the case of the PPL this is 45 hrs and 35 hrs for the NPPL. The Silver Package includes the first years membership.

Package (Silver)




Instructional Flights and
first year's membership £6,433.00   £5,195.00
Savings £339.00 £217.00

ARC-1 Flight Computer
AP-1 Navigation Protractor
AS-2 Navigation Ruler
1/500 Chart
VB3 Kneeboard
Planning Log Pad
Permanent Chart Marker
Log Book
Checklist Robin HR200/120B
PPL1 Flying Training
PPL2 Air Law
Operational Procedures
PPL3 Navigation
PPL4 Principles of flight
Flight Performance/Planning
PPL5 Human Performance
Examinations/Skills Test
Air Law
Principles of Flight
Flight Performance/Planning
Human Performance/Limitations
Radio Telegraphy
Radio Telegraphy (Oral)
Flight Skills Test

Items not included in the packages

The following items are not included in the Silver or Gold packages, generally because they are charged by a third party and as such Sibson would not be able to govern these costs.

The cost shown are estimates, but are accurate at the time of publishing.

Other Costs




Medical Fees £150.00 £20.00
Licence Application £168.00 £137.00
Total £418.00 £257.00

Medical Fee
This is payable to the Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) or GP in the case of a NPPL.
Landing Fees

At Sibson we do not charge members landing fees, but other airfields that you will fly to as part of the course do.
Application Fee

This is a fee paid to the CAA to issue a licence.

How to purchase prepay packages

The Gold and Silver packages may be purchased by calling Sibson on 01832 280289

Terms and conditions apply

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