The cost of a PPL (A) Course

One of the commonly asked questions is "How much will it cost to gain a PPL (A) Licence?" and this question unfortunately does not have a simple answer.

It is very difficult to state an exact cost of a PPL course as it does vary by differing rates of progress and ability. The absolute minimum hours required to obtain a licence is 45. An instructional flight costs around £125.00 an hour in a modern Robin HR200/120B aircraft.

Payment at Sibson is on a pay as you go basis, which means that the cost is spread across the time it takes you to complete the course and this is very much set at your own pace. The only upfront payment is annual membership of £125.

The table below shows the costs in obtaining a licence, if the course is passed in the minimum hours.

Flight Hours
45 Instructional Flight Hours Robin HR200/120B £5,625.00 £5,625.00
ARC-1 Flight Computer £43.95
AP-1 Navigation Protractor £5.25
AS-2 Navigation Ruler £4.95
1/500 Chart £14.99
VB3 Kneeboard £18.95
Planning Log Pad £2.75
Permanent Chart Marker £5.95 £96.79
Log Book £7.99
Checklist £5.99
PPL1 Flying Training £21.95
PPL2 Air Law and Operational Procedures £21.95
PPL3 Navigation and Meteorology £21.95
PPL4 Principles of flight, Flight Performance and Planning £21.95
PPL5 Human Performance £19.95 £107.75
Examinations/Skills Test
Air Law £30.00
Navigation £30.00
Meteorology £30.00
Principles of Flight £30.00
Flight Performance and Planning £30.00
Human Performance and Limitations £30.00
Radio Telegraphy £30.00
Radio Telegraphy (Practical) £50.00
Flight Skills Test £150.00 £410.00
Other Costs
Club Membership £125.00
Medical (paid to Aviation Medical Examiner) £150.00
Landing fee (paid to other airfields and airports) £100.00
PPL Application Fee (paid to the CAA) £168.00 £543.00
Summary of all costs based on minimum hours
Total based on minimum hours £6,782.54

In reality most students obtain a licence in between 50 - 65 hours.

Although there are 7 examinations it is not necessary to purchase all text books at once. Most students purchase the books individually as they study for each exam. It is important to initially purchase PPL1 as this is the book that describes the theory of the flying exercises.

The bulk of the required equipment is generally for navigation and again this need not be purchased until you reach this phase of the course.

All written examinations are charged at £30.

There are other charges such as a medical (required before you can fly solo). Sibson does not charge landing fees to students, but you will be landing at other airfields as part of your cross country navigational exercises and landing fees will be charged by these.

Once you have completed your PPL course a fee by the CAA will be required with your application.

Recommended Additional Options.

Below is a table of other purchases that we recommend, but are not essential.

Optional Recommended Items
PPL Confuser, Questions and Answer book £26.95
Ground School 3 hours (various subjects) £90.00
Headset £150.00

The PPL Confuser is a Questions and Answers Guide on all examined written subjects. The book contains mock examinations and is ideal for determining whether you are ready to take the exam for real.

Students from time to time require a little help with the theoretical examinations and for this reason we offer ground school. At Sibson we have dedicated lecture rooms for this purpose. Ground School is charged at £30 per hour and is carried out on a one-to-one basis. Ground School for the Radio Telegraphy practical exam is highly recommended.

Sibson is happy to loan headsets (free of charge) to students, but we recommend that you purchase your own. Headsets vary tremendously in price from £70.00 to £600+. A good set will cost around £150.00.

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