Pilot Training Courses

Peterborough Flying Club offers professional flight training of the highest standard to JAR PPL level and subsequent ratings. Our training and flying school, based at Sibson Aerodrome in Peterborough will be your base location when learning to fly. We offer everything you need to fulfill the requirements of the Private Pilots Licence, including ground school training for exams.

"This has got to be one of the best flying clubs in the country - friendly staff, aircraft to suit all tastes and an extremely high standard of training" (Nils Jamieson)

The following courses are available from Peterborough Flying Club

2. Commercial Pilot Training CPL

3. UK National PPL

4. Night Rating

5. IMC Rating

6. Multi-engine Rating

7. Tailwheel Conversions

8. AOPA Aerobatic Certificate

8 . Piloting skills Certificate

9. Secondary Pilot Safety Certificate

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