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Becoming a private pilot is probably one of the most rewarding challenges you will undertake. On your first solo flight, when the instructor steps out of your aircraft so that you can fly it alone, the satisfaction and pride experienced is second to none.

" I've done it! I actually took off, flew a full circuit
and successfully landed the plane, without an instructor! "

You should be aware that learning to fly an aircraft requires a certain amount of determination, commitment and willingness to undertake new challenges. If you think you have these qualities you too will be able to gain your licence and enjoy the freedom of the sky.

The syllabus for a full JAR-UK PPL will follow this sort of format

  • 45 Hours flying training, where you will learn:
    • The basic controls
    • Flying straight and level, climbing, descending, turning
    • Stalling and slow flight
    • Take-off, circuits and landing
    • Emergency procedures
    • Navigation
    • Basic instrument flying
    • Precautionary navigation and circuits
    • Radio navigation
  • You will also take 7 straightforward written exams and 1 oral exam covering:
    • Aircraft Law and Operational Procedures
    • Aircraft General and Principles of Flight
    • Flight Performance and Planning
    • Human Performance and Limitations
    • Meteorology
    • Navigation and Radio Navigation
    • Radio Telephony Communications + Oral. At the end of your training you will complete a practical flying test in order to be able to apply for your licence.

How much will a PPL(A) course cost.

Please note the National PPL (NPPL), comprises 35 hours flying training, to a similar syllabus, but requires a different standard of medical examination and carries different privileges.

How much will a NPPL(SEP) course cost.

A guide to learning to fly at sibson can be obtained by clicking here 956KB

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Come fly with us and get your private pilots licence!

Rewarding, exciting, thrilling!
It's an amazing life experience.

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