Commercial Pilot Training

The Commercial Pilot Licence allows a pilot to be remunerated for flying work and forms the basis for advanced flight training for those wishing to pursue a career as a commercial pilot. Becoming a commercial pilot is one of the most exciting and challenging careers you can choose and involves much more than traditional aviation skills, important though these are.

The aim of the CPL (A) course is to train PPL (A) holders to the level of proficiency necessary for the issue of a CPL (A) which will enable the holder to then complete their Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Ratings.

As a continuation of your pilot training, our CPL course provides a cost effective way towards a career as a commercial pilot and may be tailored to fit around your lifestyle.

Pre-entry Requirements

· Hold a current PPL(A) Licence issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1.
· 150 hours total time, with a recommended 100 hours PIC.
· Have completed 300nm qualifying cross country flight
· A pass in all CPL or ATPL Theoretical Knowledge examinations.
· Hold a current Class 1 Medical Certificate.
· Hold a Night Qualification or complete an extra 5 hours of Night Training during the CPL Course.
· Hold a UK FRTO Licence.
· Be fluent in the English language

Training Syllabus

· 10 hours administration and Ground School.
· 25 hours total training of which a minimum of 5 must be conducted on a complex single engine aircraft. Or:
· 15 hours if the requirement for an Instrument Rating has been met.
Note: The amount of training done on the complex single can be increased if required, and will affect the overall cost.

Flight Test Requirement

A CPL Skills Test with a CAA Staff or Authorised Examiner.

Course Duration

Full course approx. 3 weeks dependent upon weather. ICAO Conversion approx. 1 ½ weeks dependent upon weather.

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