Randolph Engineering Sunglasses - AVIATOR

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Randolph Engineering Sunglasses - AVIATOR

Born from the U.S. Military. There are countless aviator styles out there, but only one Randolph Engineering. Built for the U.S. Military, the RE Aviator surpassed their rigid specifications standards. Since then, the Aviator has become our flagship product and has set the standard for our world-class quality. These sunglasses are the epitome of serious equipment. From their unique bayonet temples that are designed to fit comfortably under headgear, to the lifetime warranted solder joints, you can always rely on the Aviator to perform... especially when you need it.
The Aviator is the first of many Randolph Engineering styles that are worn by those who demand the best. When NASA Astronauts lift off the launch pad, or when America’s top gun pilots step into the cockpit, Randolph Engineering provides the priceless pair of sunglasses that helps them safely navigate the skies.

Mineral Lens Technology
All our lenses absorb 98-100% of harmful radiation and allow a range of 12-18% of visible light to pass through, the ideal comfort level for most wearers.

NEUTRAL GREY The best lens for all-round use – offers absolute true colour reception. Worn by military pilots worldwide. Colours come through naturally, resulting in hours of comfort. Reduces light intensity without shifting colours. Filters 98% of harmful UV rays. Standard issue lens for the Military. Excellent for flying, driving and all round general use.

AGX (GREY/GREEN) This lens has a slight green tint to it, making it the most popular sunglass tint on the market. Selectively filters the colours of the spectrum so that their transmittance curve closely resembles the sensitivity curve of the eye. Thus colours are only slight changed while vision stays sharp. Filters 100% harmful UV light. Excellent lens for driving, flying and bright glare reduction.

HIGH CONTRAST TAN This lens is widely accepted as an outstanding lens colour for those needing eye protection on bright overcast days. A blue light absorber, this lens will increase contrast and visual acuity while providing good glare protection from the sun. Reduces virtually 100% of harmful UV rays. Excellent high contrast lens for winder conditions, glider pilots, skiers and driving in hazy conditions.

LIFETIME SOLDER JOINT WARRANTY Each joint connection is machine milled for absolute strength and adhesion. We feel so strongly about the quality of our products that we will repair or replace may broken solder joint for the lifetime of the frame (assuming normal use).
Tour of duty: Vietnam, Desert Storm, Korea, and Kosovo.
Size: 52mm 55mm

Model: Matt Chrome Frame/Gray Lens Matt Chrome Frame/AGX Lens Gold Frame/Gray Lens

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