APM 7 Radio Telephony - Vol 7

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APM 7 Radio Telephony - Vol 7

Now in Full-Colour. Over 100,00 copies sold, this is the 7th of 7 volumes in a leading and most highly respected series of manuals for the training of private pilots. Constantly updated, edited and revised, by a highly qualified team headed by Captain Peter Godwin, a current Flying Instructor (FI), Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE), Instrument Rating Examiner, and CAA CPL examiner. Thus making this series, a long recognised comprehensive reference available to both the student and instructor and is the standard reference for the CAA PPL examinations.
* Radiotelephony Communications
* Radiotelephony Language and Procedures
* Emergency and Radio Failure
* How Radio Works
* Example Flights in Controlled & Uncontrolled Airspace
* Exercises and Answers

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